Kindle DX Tips

  • Read To Me – First of all, please note that if you want to use the Read To Me feature for PDFs you need to convert the PDF to the Kindle format.
    1. Press the Aa key. This will take you to the Font Size/Read To Me Menu.
    2. Next, use the 5 way controller to go to the Text-to-Speech row and press the 5 way controller to turn on the Text-to-Speech feature.
    3. You can also change the voice (male or female) and the speed that it reads to you. To do this use the Alt + Aa keys and then use the 5 way controller.
    4. If you want to start Text-to-Speech at a certain point on the page, use the cursor to move to that place and then start Text-to-Speect.
    Please remember that just like the Kindle 2, some publishers have disabled the Text-to-Speech feature.

  • Time – This is done by pressing the “Menu” button in the title bar.
  • Use Kindle DX as a Calculator – Over at BlogKindle they found a Kindle DX Easter Egg on how to use the DX as a calculator. This works by typing in a mathematical expression in the search box on the home page – ex. 2+2.

    The operations that work are: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powers, and square roots. You can also use some Trigonometry functions like sin, cos, tan, atan.

  • Kindle DX Shortcuts
    1. Alt+B – this will bookmark a page.
    2. Alt+Space Bar – Play background music.
    3. Alt+F – This will Fast Forward to the next track.
    4. Alt+Shift+G – this will take a screen shot of whatever page you’re on.
    5. While using Audible files, press the spacebar to pause and resume playing.

  • Games – There are two games that you can play on the Kindle DX
    1. MineSweeper – Press Alt+Shift+M and this will take you to Minesweeper.
    2. Gomoku – Once you are on the Minesweeper page, press the ‘G’ button to go to Gomoku.

  • To read up to 2 weeks on a single charge, turn the wireless feature off. If you leave the wireless feature on you can still read up to about 4 days on a single charge.
  • Change the Screensaver – To change the screensaver on your Kindle DX read the instructions from Computer Stuff Home.
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