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by Greg on February 25, 2009

Many people aren’t aware that they can read their email from their Kindle. I also wasn’t aware of this until recently. I think this is another good feature that the Kindle offers us. I wouldn’t use it as the main way of receiving and sending emails but it can come in handy if you’re out somewhere, away from your computer, and you have your Kindle with you.

Not all email can be read with the Kindle but you can read Gmail and Yahoo mail which should come in handy for many of us. I haven’t received my Kindle 2 yet so I’m not sure if it will work the same as the Kindle 1 but I’m thinking that it should work just fine.

I will use Gmail as an example of how to use email on the Kindle. First of all, you need to use the Basic Web feature. This is done by going to “Menu” and then “Experimental” on the Kindle home screen. When you get to the Basic Web you need to press the “Select” wheel so that you can see the “Enter URL” box. You need to type ‘’ into the URL box since this is the mobile version for Gmail. Then just press “Submit” and you can read your Gmail on your Kindle.

To send email, you need to use the following steps:

  • Press the “Next Page” button until you find the “Compose Mail” option.

  • Using the “Select” wheel, select the “To:” box and then choose “Input Field”. Enter the email address that you’re going to send your message to and select “Done”. Add the subject and message the same way.
  • Click on the row of buttons that you’ll see under the main message box then select “Send” to send out your new email message.
  • You will most likely get an error message after doing this but select “Close” anyway. Even though you probably got an error message, your message was sent. It probably would be a good idea to practice sending a message by sending one to yourself so that you can make sure you’re doing it correctly. I sent a practice email to one of my other email accounts and everything worked out fine.

Hope this tip helps you out. If there are any different steps that need to be taken to send or receive emails with the Kindle 2, I’ll put them here.

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