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by Greg on April 13, 2009

Although Amazon has a lot of books available on Kindle and there’s also over a million more available for your Kindle outside of Amazon, you’re probably like me and have a few books that you would love to have available for the Kindle that currently are not.

There is a way to make your favorite books available for download to your Kindle. If you go to Amazon and do a search for your book, there is a small box underneath the picture of the books cover. Inside that box, there’s a link that says “I’d like to read this book on Kindle” or “Start reading ‘Book Title’ on your Kindle in under a minute”. If your book says “I’d like to read this book on Kindle” then it’s not available right now on Kindle so click on that link. After you click on the link it will bring up a new page that says “Thank you for requesting ‘Book Title’ by ‘Author’ in Kindle Edition. Our goal is to make every title available for Kindle. We will pass your specific request on to the publisher.” This does not guarantee that the book will be available on Kindle, but if enough people click on the link, the chances are better that it will become available.

Here’s an example of a book that’s not available yet for Kindle that I would like to see available: Swan Song (By the way, please click on the link to help make it available. Thanks!) Update:  Swan Song is now available on Kindle. Thanks to all those who clicked on the link!

If you’d like some help getting your favorites to be available for Kindle add a comment to this post with a link to your book title. Please also click on other peoples links to help make their books available too. The more people that click on these links, the better chance we have to get our books. You can also Twitter, Digg and do whatever else you can to help get more traffic to these links. Please Digg this post here: Make Your Favorite Book Available On Kindle or just click on the Digg icon below (the first icon).

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