Kindle Covers

Here are covers for all versions of the Kindle:
Kindle 3 – Kindle 3 Covers
Kindle 2 – Kindle 2 Covers
Kindle 2 Cover Store – Kindle 2 Cover Store
Kindle DX – Kindle DX Covers

Update 9/3/10 – New Kindle 3 Covers – Here’s just a few of the new Kindle 3 Covers. For the complete list of all Kindle 3 Covers go here: Kindle 3 Covers




Since the Kindle Cover seems to be the most popular accessory for the Kindle according to the traffic that I’ve seen here at Ereader News Today, I’ve decided to dedicate an entire page to Kindle Covers. I wrote a review about the one that I purchased here. We all have different styles so I’ll try to include as many different types of covers as possible along with reviews of those covers so that you can see what others (that have purchased the covers) think about them and maybe help you make your decision. For reviews on any of the covers just click on the cover and it will take you to a page that will have reviews along with a description of the cover.

I’ll start off with the M-Edge which is pretty popular (and the one that I got for myself).

1/29/09 – I’ve just added another cover here that I’ve been reading about, the Stylz Cosmocover. The Amazon reviews (only 2 so far) and reviews on other sites seem to all be very positive for this cover so I put it here for you to check out.




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