Kindle Accessories

Kindle Accessories

Here are some accessories that will come in handy for your Amazon Kindle. One of the first accessories that I bought for my Kindlewas a cover. Here’s a post I wrote about the cover that I bought: Kindle Cover.

Update 9/3/10 – Here’s a list of accessories for the Kindle 3 – Kindle 3 Accessories

Update – Once again, after buying the Kindle 2, the first accessory that I purchased was a Kindle Cover. I bought the Amazon Kindle Leather Cover which I did a video review for here: Kindle 2 Cover

Hundreds Of Skins Available For Your Kindle
Amazon Kindle Leather CoverCheck out the video review here
Kindle 1 Covers
Kindle 2 Covers
Kindle 3 Covers
Kindle DX Covers
Cole Haan Kindle Covers
Skinit skins -you can even create a skin by uploading your own photo!

Here are a few Kindle accessories that any Kindle owner would love to have:

Kindle Car Charger
This is a nice set of Kindle Accessories which includes a Kindle USB car charger, USB wall/travel charger, earphones and a screen protector. All of this for only $5.77. Go here for reviews and all the details: Kindle Chargers, Earphones and Screen Protectors

Kindle Light
This is a very nice Kindle light that comes with 2 “Super LEDS”, LumaLenz optical grade lens, and MightyGrip strong wide mouth grip. This is great for reading in bed at night. Go here for more details and reviews on this Kindle light: Kindle Light

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