Kindle 2 Help

by Greg on February 18, 2009

Here is a great resource from Amazon for those that have purchased a Kindle 2 and are waiting for it to arrive. If you start reading this stuff now, you’ll be all set and ready to go once your new Kindle gets to your house. For those of you that already have a Kindle 1 but have ordered the Kindle 2, I’m sure some of this will be the same but I’m sure the new info for the Kindle 2 will come in handy for you as well.

Some of the info that is available includes:

There’s also a lot more info available – pretty much everything you’ll need to get your Kindle 2 up and running. For a list of everything that is available, go here: Kindle Help

For the Kindle 1 owners that have not purchased a Kindle 2, here’s a previous post for help with your Kindle 1: Kindle 1 Help

Update – 2/26/09 – Here’s another great resource to help you out with your new Kindle 2. This was written by Stephen Windwalker and the cost is $4.99: The Complete User’s Guide To the Amazing Amazon Kindle 2: A Kindle Owners Toolkit Of Over 500 Tips, Tricks, & Links To Help

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