How To Make Sure You Don’t Miss Any More Free Book Posts From ENT On Facebook

by Greg on October 10, 2012

As many of you know, Facebook has been limiting the number of people that receive our posts on their newsfeeds. Here are 3 ways to make sure you never miss another free book post. All three are very easy to do and only take a few seconds.

1. Set Up ENT as an “Interest” on your Facebook Home page

You can find Interests on your home page, on the left, near the bottom.

Click on the word “Interests”. At the top of your screen, in the middle, click on “+ Add Interests” then click on “+ Create List”. A “Create New List” box will pop up. In the upper right portion of that box, type in ‘Ereader News Today’ in the search box. Click on ‘Ereader News Today’ when it shows up in the box and a check mark will appear on it.

Click “Next”. Give your list a name such as “ENT” or “Kindle Stuff” or whatever you like. Choose who you want to see the list and then click “Done”.

Your Interest list is now all set up.

Whenever you want to check out our latest posts just go to the Interests section of your home page and click on ENT to see the latest free books.

2. Check out “Links” in the “Apps” section.

On your Facebook ‘Home’ page, in the same area as “Interests”, there is a section labeled “Apps”. Click on “Apps” and a list of apps will appear in the middle of your Home page. On that list you will find “Links”. Click on that and you will see not only all ENT posts, but all posts from everything that you have ever “LIKED” on Facebook.

3. Sign up for our daily email.

All of the free books that have been posted during the day will be sent directly to your email inbox so you don’t even need to check Facebook. You can sign up for it right here:


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