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- We will now be promoting your book deals on Nook, iBooks, Google Play and Kobo. Although the deal does not need to be available at all of these retailers, it does need to be available on Amazon for us to promote it. -

Please send in your submissions at least 3 days before your book will be going free, or it will not be posted. Also, if we post your free book and you take it off of free status on the same day that it was posted on our site and in our daily newsletter we will no longer post any of your books – free or paid.

Hello authors. This is the page to submit your free Kindle books for us to post on the ENT website and Facebook page.

We do not guarantee that your book will be posted if you submit it due to the large number of requests that we get. We also have to reduce the number of free books we post due to restrictions that have been placed on us by Amazon. However, we will do our best to get your book posted for you.

The books that will be posted will be the books with the highest ratings and the most reviews. If your book has a small number of reviews (0 – 3) or low ratings (below 4.0) it will not be posted.

We will not repost a free book within 60 days of the previous free book posting.

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We will not promote books that contain the following: erotic scenes, pornography, have graphic sex scenes, explicit sex scenes, soft core porn, have a lot of sex scenes, contain controversial subject matter, offensive to any race, gender, religion, etc. We reserve the right to refuse any book for any reason.

Please fill out the form below with your free book information and we will try to fit it into a post for you. Thank you.

Action and Adventure
Children and Middle Grade
Christian Fiction
Contemporary Fiction
Contemporary Romance
Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
Literary Fiction
Memoirs and Biographies
Romantic Comedy
Romantic Suspense
Science Fiction
Thriller and Suspense
Womens Fiction
Young Adult

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Many of you have asked if there’s a way to support ENT for the free books that we post for you so here’s a PayPal donation button for those of you who may be interested in helping out. Since we do not guarantee that your book will be posted by filling out the form above, please do NOT make a donation until after you are sure that your book has been posted.

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