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by Greg on June 14, 2011

Here’s a highly rated bargain Kindle book and it just so happens to be today’s Book Of The Day! Columbian Connection by James Edwin Branch has an awesome 4.7 star rating and costs only 99 cents!

It has entrigue, excitement and keeps you on the edge of your chair. You DO NOT want to put it down. – swanee – Amazon Reviewer

Columbian Connection (Arrowhead)
by James Edwin Branch
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Category: Suspense/Action & Adventure
Price: $0.99


Susan Fielding was running for her life. Undercover in a Columbian Drug Cartel she worked six months getting the evidence on the flash drive she was carrying. After catching a plane from Bogotá to San Antonio she thought she’d gotten away. Suddenly she realized the Columbians were in the airport looking for her.

Sue called her boss Agent Phillips, he told her to get to the Amtrac Station and he would bring her in. She made it only to find out that it was a set up. She was at the end of her rope. With a Columbian hit squad closing in, she needed a miracle. That miracle was Bart Taylor a man with more secrets than she had. When Sue Fielding met Bart Taylor he took her on a thrill ride that was destine to change everything she knew. She was about to enter a world filled with Adventure as she discovers ARROWHEAD in “THE COLUMBIAN CONNECTION” Series Book 1

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

This was my first book by James Branch that I read. I really enjoyed the book as it just started up & didn’t let up. If you are into fast action & fast reading you will be sure to enjoy this book.


I am not normally into these kind of books, but it held my attention. I couldn’t wait to finish it. I am now going to start the rest of the series. I have also read other works from him and have loved everyone of them.


This novel by JAMES EDWIN BRANCH is more exciting than the old Mickey Spilane novels that I enjoyed reading so much years ago. It has entrigue, excitement and keeps you on the edge of your chair. You DO NOT want to put it down. Take time to read it and you will read the entire series as I am! GO FOR IT!

Get Columbian Connection here: Columbian Connection (Arrowhead)

About The Author


I’m an old West Texas boy, grew up in Big Spring, Texas. I have three children,and one of them still lives in Big Spring. I now make my home in South Texas. I’ve written 19 Novels and Novellas and will continue to write as long as there is a story to tell.

I try to write things that young people can read. I’m a strong believer that you don’t have to use descriptive sex or off color language to tell a story. I should caution you though that in an action story there is always some violence.

I am an avid musician and a United States Army Viet Nam Veteran. I write several different genre and probably always will. My favorite is Action/Adventure or Westerns.

My work was published by another company and is now marketed by VGR. I also can be found at several web sites.

I never wanted to be a great author or counted as one of the really intelligent people of our time. All I’ve ever strived for is to entertain. I write stories about people who struggle to be who they are. It may sound strange, coming from a fiction author, but I try to make my characters believable.

It is an honor that you’re interested in my work. A writer or a musician is nothing without someone to share their creations. Thank you for being that person. You may also find a song or two that I’ve written on You Tube. Please join me on Facebook with the rest of my author friends.

I enjoy comments and having my readers drop me a line, so when you run across my sites or find me on Facebook, feel free to write me. It might take a day or two to get back to you, but I will.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – James Edwin Branch and ENT appreciate it.

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1 Fred M. August 9, 2011 at 2:55 pm

I recently met you and received an autographed copy of The Delivery. That is how I got started reading. I haven’t been much of a reader throughout my 86 years, but now I am hooked! So far this summer I have read 12 of your books.
I lost my wife of 63 years this past May, and I can’t tell you what a gift your gift of writing has been to me at this time. I can’t wait to see what other ideas you have up your sleeve.
Thanks again.

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