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UPDATE: We are completely booked through Saturday, August 2nd.

- We will now be promoting your deals on Nook, iBooks, Google Play and Kobo. Although the deal does not need to be available at all of these retailers, it does need to be available on Amazon for us to promote it. -

Authors, if you have a bargain Kindle book that you would like us to post, please enter the info for your book in the form below.

Your book will need to have at least 10 reviews (from Amazon US), a 4.0 star rating, be priced 99 cents and be available on It would be best to use books that have not been free before or at least have not been free for a while. If your book has been free, many of the people that would have purchased it for this promo will have already downloaded it while it was free so you will lose out on paid sales.

At this time, we are only promoting full-length books, no short stories or novelettes.

If you have a book that is on sale for 99 cents, you can submit that book but we might not be able to post it while it is on sale due to the high demand for these spots but we will do our best to post it while it is on sale. If you are putting your book on sale just for this promo, please mention that in the “Additional Information” box at the bottom of the submission form on this page and we will contact you at least five days before we post your book so that you will have enough time to lower your book to 99 cents.

We do not guarantee that your book will be posted if you submit it but we will try our best to get it posted for you. Please only submit your book once but after we post it, you can submit it again although we will not repost your book for at least 60 days after it has been posted.

If we are going to post your book, we will let you know approximately 5 days before the promotion date.

Your book MUST BE at the sales price by 12am PST on the promo day, otherwise we will not post your book. Please write in the Additional Information section of the submission form that your book is part of the Kindle Countdown Deal.

The cost for this service will be 25% of the earnings that you receive as a result of this posting. This will be based on the number of books that were sold through our links on the day your book is posted and the day after your book is posted which we will report to you in the invoice that you will receive. The actual number of books sold will actually be higher than what we will report on the invoice because you will still be getting other sales that did not come as a result of our post. You will be sent an invoice approximately 2 days after your book is posted. All payments will be made through Paypal and will be due when the invoice is received.

Here is an example of how the payment will work. If you sell 100 books at 99 cents each, your earnings will be $34.65 and the fee will be $8.66.
100 (number of books sold) X (.35 (royalty) X .99 (price of book) = $34.65
$34.65 X 25% = $8.66

As far as content is concerned we have the same criteria for bargain books as we do with all of the books we post and that is:
We will not promote books that contain the following: erotic scenes, pornography, have graphic sex scenes, explicit sex scenes, soft core porn, have a lot of sex scenes, contain controversial subject matter, offensive to any race, gender, religion, etc. We reserve the right to refuse any book for any reason.

The genres that perform the best are Romance, Contemporary/Historical Fiction, Mystery, Thrillers and Christian Fiction. The genres that are less successful are Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Children’s and Paranormal.

If you have any questions please send them to

Action and Adventure
Children and Middle Grade
Christian Fiction
Contemporary Fiction
Contemporary Romance
Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
Literary Fiction
Memoirs and Biographies
Romantic Comedy
Romantic Suspense
Science Fiction
Thriller and Suspense
Womens Fiction
Young Adult

If we are going to promote your book we will notify you about 1 to 2 weeks prior to your promotion. Not all books that get submitted will be accepted for a bargain book listing.

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